Investigation of migration-related issues for PhD students and researchers at UU

Answer to the following survey and help us advocate for PhD students’ migration-related issues:
This survey is a joint attempt by the doctoral board of Uppsala University (DN), Uppsala University Postdoc Association (UUPA), Junior Faculty (JF), the internationalization department, and international faculty and staff services (IFSS) to identify migration-related issues experienced by PhD students, postdocs and researchers at UU. Consequently, aggregate information provided to UU and DN can lead to developing practical approaches to help the affected groups at a university level and adopting policies more in-line with the present needs.
All the responses to this survey are anonymous and will not be traced back to individual participants. The raw data will be analysed only within the dedicated working group formed by a few DN, UUPA, JF, the internationalization department and IFSS members. Aggregate results will be published in report form on the respective websites of these associations after the evaluation is finished. The raw data will be stored only until the end of the academic year of 2023 – 2024 to protect privacy interests.

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Jila Shamslatifi, DN Member

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