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Dear PhD student att Uppsala University! We hope you find the attached news relevant and useful to you. 

1. Filler elections, DL for applying is 9th June
2. Results from DN’s May Elections
3. Open call – Testimonies about Harassment, DL 9th June
4. Report of DN’s Spring survey on salary increments, writing support, and overall satisfaction
5. UU Career Services Courses and Workshops

1. Filler elections, DL for applying is 9th June

The DN Filler elections will take place via Zoom on Monday the 12th June 2023 between 15:30-17:00 and candidates for contested positions will be interviewed if they wish. By filler elections we mean the election for those PhD representative positions which were not filled in the ordinary electio meeting.

Please apply by emailing latest by Friday 9th June or by the following form:

See the available positions and more information:

2. Results from DN’s May Elections

New officials for the Doctoral board of the Uppsala University (DN) PhD student representatives for the university have been chosen!

The decisions were made by the doctoral board on May 23rd, and the term for the new officials and student representatives will begin on 1st of August, 2023. We received a total of 69 applications for all of the positions, which is an incredible amount. Thanks to all those who volunteered!

Check the positions at

3. Open call – Testimonies about Harrassment, DL 9th June

Doktorandnämnden (DN) is working on a booklet addressed to doctoral students at UU that aims to prevent cases of harassment and provide help and guidance to those who are experiencing any kind of harassment by superiors, supervisors, or colleagues. For this reason, the editorial team (composed of doctoral students) working on the booklet would like to receive anonymous testimonies from peers who are experiencing or have experienced harassment. Some of these testimonies will be edited and used in the booklet to give other PhD under similar conditions some insights on how to overcome uncertainties during the reporting process.

See more information:

4. Report of DN’s Spring survey on salary increments, writing support, and overall satisfaction

Do you want to know about how PhD students in Uppsala receive their salary increments? Or would they like assisted writing services provided by the University? How about how the PhD students generally like their studies, and what issues they see in their third-cycle education?

This is your chance! The doctoral board of the Uppsala University (DN) published a report which extensively explores these issues. The goal of DN’s 2023 Spring survey was to gauge the current issues of PhD
students at Uppsala University and identify potential focus points to act on.

Find the report here:

5. UU Career services courses and workshops


Finish on time and feel good along the way, August – November 2023 (on campus, in English)

Completing a doctorate is a dream for many – but it can also be very lonely and stressful work. We often focus on the content of our work, but sometimes we forget to pay attention to our own work process, or how we work, think and act. Nevertheless, this process is crucial to completing our work on time and feeling good along the way. During this five half-days course you will learn more about academic productivity tools such as the 80/20 principle, focusing on the end product and the unit method, and learn to apply them to your own work situation. During the semester that you take part in the course you are also entitled to individual coaching on matters related to your situation as a doctoral student.

For questions, please contact Anna Westin, anna.westin@uu.seLink for more information and registration.

On-line Career Programme for Doctoral Students, October – November 2023 (in English)

A tightly-focused career planning course with core material delivered online, to maximize flexibility. The programme’s four modules are spaced over eight weeks, Tuesday 3 October to Friday 24 November 2023. They offer a sure way for you to consider methodically your own drivers, strengths, priorities and options, to help you make active, well informed career choices. One new module is released every two weeks, involving a commitment of about two hours each on average. Three live webinars of around 45 minutes are offered during the programme. For questions, please contact Anna Westin, Link for more information and registration


Career and Leadership Development Centre organizes some workshops addressed specifically to the target group doctoral students at Uppsala University. Some other seminars and workshops are open to doctoral students together with other academic staff. The intention is to offer themes of interest and value both for those who want to stay and develop within the academy and for those who see a future outside academia.

Bli klar i tid och må bra på vägen, 26 september 9.00–12.00 (on campus, in Swedish)

Mastering the art of intercultural communication, 6 October, 9.00–12.00, via Zoom

Conquering the seminar – developing tools for personal and professional empowerment, 15 November, 9.00–12.00, on campus

Finish on time and feel good along the way, 16 November, 9.00–12.00, (via Zoom, in English)

Self-leadership in academia, 17 November, 9.00–12.00 (on campus, in English)

Mastering small talk at conferences and elsewhere, 8 December, 13.15–16.00 

Link for more information and registration


Disputation – och sen då? (in Swedish or English)

Vi erbjuder dig som är i slutfasen av din doktorandtid individuell coaching för reflektion kring ämnen som handlar om tiden fram till disputation, själva disputationen eller vägval och karriär efter avslutad doktorandtid. Samtalen är konfidentiella och du bokar tid hos någon av oss på följande länk. Länk för mer information och bokning

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