Open call – Testimonies about harassment

Doktorandnämnden (DN) is working on a booklet addressed to doctoral students at UU that aims to prevent cases of harassment and provide help and guidance to those who are experiencing any kind of harassment by superiors, supervisors, or colleagues. For this reason, the editorial team (composed of doctoral students) working on the booklet would like to receive anonymous testimonies from peers who are experiencing or have experienced harassment. Some of these testimonies will be edited and used in the booklet to give other PhD under similar conditions some insights on how to overcome uncertainties during the reporting process.

These testimonies would be extremely helpful for two reasons:

  • They will help the editorial team identify what kind of information/support is lacking on the topic and address it in the booklet
  • They will make the experience of harassment at UU more palpable and visible for people who have difficulties identifying it when they see it or experience it (either for themselves or for others)

If you are interested in sharing your experience with us, please answer the questions in this anonymous Google Form: The form will close on June 9 and the submitted answers will only be accessible to two doctoral students members of the booklet’s editorial team. Answers will only be used for the purposes of the brochure and will be deleted after it is finalized.

We are using this link instead of using emails to ensure your privacy. Since UU is a public authority, any personal information shared via email is considered an official document.

NOTE: Doktorandnämnden does not follow up on any of the testimonies submitted. If you are experiencing harassment currently, you can contact the PhD student ombudspersons at the student unions ( for confidential advice, whether you are a member of a student union or not. The service is free of charge. They can represent and/or guide you through the process. Please remember that what you report in writing to the University generally becomes a public document. The same is true, with some exceptions, for emails sent to and from University email addresses.

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