Researchers’ Manifestation against Aliens Act – Uppsala

Researchers’ Manifestation against Aliens Act – Uppsala

The 2021 changes to the Aliens Act (utlänningslagen) and its interpretation by the Migration Agency (migrationsverket ) has made it very difficult for non-EU/EEA researchers to gain residency permits after completing their PhD in Sweden. Besides unfairly damaging the lives and careers of these brilliant, hard-working people, this is disastrous for Sweden’s research and industry, which benefits greatly from the international exchange of research, ideas and competence.

This peaceful manifestation is a way of letting all those who are affected or outraged by the changes make a public statement and stand together in solidarity.It is formally organised by Doktorandnämnden, the doctoral board of Uppsala University, and follows in the footsteps of similar manifestations in:

– Lund, on the 19th February (
– Gothenburg, on the 26th February (

This is done in collaboration with the Facebook group:

The police permit application has been submitted and planning is underway so please join our Facebook event to get the latest updates!

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