Pharmaceutical Doctoral student council (FDR)

FDR is the PhD Student Council at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

  • Represents the PhD students in various committees and boards.
  • Ensures that all PhD students can complete their studies in a good working environment and under good employment conditions.
  • Works for a secure research education from admission to dissertation.
  • Arranges regular meetings as well as career and social events.

If you have any questions, please send us an email:

Planned meetings for spring 2022 (always between 12-1 pm):
2nd of February, 4th of March, 31st of March, 6th of May, and 2nd of June

Come join us!

The FDR Board:

Rosita Kneiszl


Esther Olaniran


Fanny lundmark

Vice chair

Matthew Rosenberg


Frida Bällgren


Erik Bivehed