Statement for Students in Iran

On Sunday, October 2nd, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard attacked students gathered at the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. The security forces brought live ammunition, paintball guns, batons, and tear gas to bear on the protesting students. Many were arrested and taken into custody. The attack was part of the regime’s many brutal attempts to suppress the protests that blossomed in the wake of the murder of Mahsa Amini. To our horror and despair, state violence has only escalated since then.

Uppsala Student Union and the Doctoral Board at Uppsala University condemn the attack on the students at Sharif University of Technology, as well as any and all state violence against protesters in Iran. Furthermore, we unconditionally stand on the side of the fighting population in Iran: Against women’s oppression, against state violence, and against lack of democracy. The women of Iran have been denied life and freedom – as well as respect and equality – for far too long, just as freedom of expression and basic democratic rights for the people of Iran are long overdue.

As students ourselves, we feel a strong affinity with the struggling students at Iran’s universities, along with a pressing concern for their safety. In many ways we share life projects, interests and dreams with the students in Iran. At the same time, we are worlds apart when it comes to the freedoms and rights we enjoy. For many at Uppsala University, these rights are often taken for granted. For other students in Uppsala, the difference between life in Sweden and life in Iran is acutely present; due to personal experiences of the oppression in Iran or ties to family and friends who at this very moment risk life and limb fighting the regime. Regardless, every day that passes without basic democratic freedoms and rights becoming as unquestionable in Iran as they are in Sweden is one too many – just as every day that the current regime is allowed to exercise its violent oppression.

We therefore call on the Swedish government to suspend all such collaborations and relationships with Iran that benefit from and normalize the oppression and state violence carried out by the current regime. We also call on the Swedish state and Uppsala University to do everything in their power to support students and university employees in and from Iran: Regardless of whether such support is directed towards Iranian students and university employees in Sweden or towards academic, feminist, and democratic activism in Iran. Solidarity with the protesting populace of Iran must be high on the university’s agenda and a priority for Swedish foreign policy.

Jin – Jiyan – Azadi 
Woman – Life – Freedom 

The Doctoral Board at Uppsala University & Uppsala Student Union

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